Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, 2009

Laurie's 1st Valentine's Day!!

Laurie loves playing on her mat and is learning to reach for her toys!
March 1, 2009--Cole and Laurie enjoy watching their 1st snowfall!!!

Hello everyone! We celebrated Laurie's 8 month birthday this past Saturday!!! She continues to progress, but we have had to slow down the weaning of her oxygen. She did well coming off the diuretics, but when we went for the audiologist appointment on February 11, 2009 we learned that she had fluid in both ears. This caused some discrepancies with the ABR readings, so we will be retest later this month. A few days after the appointment Laurie began having trouble sleeping, eating, coughing, and having more frequent de-sat spells. We were afraid this was due to the weaning of her diuretics. The pulmonologist started Laurie on a steroid and said to hold off on weaning her oxygen for two weeks. After several fussy, irritable days, we saw her pediatrician and discovered the fluid in her ears had developed into ear infections. So we also started on an antibiotic. During this time Laurie also had her monthly synagis shot and blood work. She weighed 11 lbs. 15 oz. on February 23, 2009.

This week we have completed all medications and have begun the weaning process again. Laurie is doing well with 30 minute intervals off the oxygen. We will steadily increase the time periods later this week. We will also see Dr. Thompson, the retinologist, on Thursday this week. Please pray that we are able to hold Laurie for the examination (without sedation) and that normal blood vessels have completed developing in her left eye.

Thankfully, our doctor appointments are slowing down. Later this month, we have her regular synagis shot appointment, second ABR appointment in Birmingham, and her 9 month check-up. Thanks for continuing to check in and pray for Laurie! Hope you enjoy the new pictures!
Todd, Leah, Cole, and Laurie